Foodies who Travel Taking in Different Cuisines of the World

If you are one of the food lovers then plan your next trip to Spain. Spaniards are amazingly fond of seafood. In 2008 Seafood Business Magazine Spanish per person consumption of seafood was around 80 pounds per year where in the rest of Europe per person consumes a little over 15 pounds of seafood per year. The love affair between Spaniards and seafood is quite natural. Spain is circulated by water from three sides, in west

Atlantic Ocean, in north Cantabric Sea and in east Mediterranean Sea. Even during Roman Empire fish plants were built to dry and preserve. Here’s some most popular seafood dishes in a Spanish household.

Centollo or Snow Crab – has two spines and long thin legs, is most popular in North Spain. Some centollos weight over 8 lbs. Whether it’s croquetas, empanada filling, soufflés or crab cakes these crabs are favorite with all Spanish dishes.

Nécora or Blue Crab – seems to be covered in velvet because of their blue hue. They are most popular in Galicia. Nécoras are highest 4 inches long. Hard to crack open but the little meat is really delicious. Often they are simply boiled with a bay leaf in the sea water.

Pulpo or Octopus – is one of the most favorite sea foods all over Spain. The processing is hard and without proper cooking its real tough to eat. They have to be pounded well then cooked. After cut into pieces they have to be seasoned with paprika, salt and olive oil.

Navaja or Razor Clam – Delicious Navajas look like long tube with a shell on them. They are usually steamed or boiled and served with lemon juice.

Almeja or Clam – Clams are very popular in Spain with any menu and different types of clams are known with their own name. Almejas are used in stews, rice dishes or soups as ingredient.

Mejillon or Mussel – are prepared in different ways. With wine and garlic they are boiled and sautéed or cooked with tomato sauce, in a stuffed breaded and fried or vinaigrette they are added to rice dishes.

Berberecho or Heart Clam – These tiny clams are most delicious and added to rice dishes or soups. Some Spaniards eat them raw with lemon juice. They are chopped finely and used in fillings. Also used as appetizer in Spanish homes.

US restaurants that are famous for classic American cuisine include Brookville Inn, Baker & Banker and Eleven. While outside the US, one can never be sure that US food safety standards are met, however drinking boiled water and eating cooked foods should keep food borne infections at bay.

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