Sunday brunch – family festivals!

It is not difficult to determine where the term came from, breakfast and lunch, together, make brunch. This meal comes after the traditional breakfast time, sometime around midday, and before lunch.
Brunches are a good practice when talking about bringing a little change to your regular routine. And usually it happens on holidays or off days.
Talking about Sundays, families prefer sleeping till late. Enjoying their cozy n warm bed, that awaits them the whole. Finally waking up, they are late for a breakfast, and obviously early for a lunch. So what best suits them, is a Sunday brunch.
Sunday brunches are offered by a vast range of restaurants. In other words, brunches are the mini festivals that are celebrated on Sundays.
Special menus and packages are offered in brunches. Restaurants hire special chefs for Sundays to prepare excellent food to attract and serve people. They may be offered as buffets, on table order, or as may the customer would like it to be served.
Sunday brunches have a vast range of menu. The menu should be moderate. It should not simply depict the breakfast; neither should it only be representing the lunch. It has to be in between the two meals, and appropriate enough.
Omelets are one the number one priority for the brunch; cheese omelet, mushroom omelet and sausages omelet. Make sure you do not serve rice or bread in the brunch. This is because rice depicts lunch strictly, whereas bread represents breakfast.
However bread used in different small cut sandwiches is a suitable choice. Fruits, pancakes, muffins, cupcakes can also be a part of your Sunday brunch menu.
Now what else can you add to your menu. It depends on your crowd. If you are entertaining Asians, then you can have desi, if you hosting Europeans, then western menu may be the best option for you. But make sure, whatever you serve, it your menu should be moderate and not influential.